Christopher Curtis, Senior Advisor, Schneider Electric and Chairman of the NEMA Board of Governors

Evolving Standards to Meet Market Demands—In a large and well developed market environment such as the United States, change seems to come in often excruciatingly slow increments. Mr. Curtis will offer a global manufacturer’s view on how market demand drives the evolution of standards and what manufacturers can do in standards development processes to stimulate a quicker response.

CANENA Annual General Meeting Program


The 2014 edition of ANSI/NEMA MW 1000 will be available soon. What are the new product specifications in this edition?

Today we’re discussing updates to the 2014 edition of the ANSI/NEMA MW 1000 standard. Joining us today are Mike Leibowitz, Secretary of the NEMA Magnet Wire Section Technical Committee, and Jim Avery, Quality Assurance Supervisor at MWS Wire Industries and current Technical Committee Chairman. They will discuss five new product specifications—two for aluminum wire and three for copper wire—and give a preview of future specifications.

NEMA MW 1000 – Magnet Wire


The Patrick Project: The Journey to Create a Net-zero Energy Home

It’s one thing to promote high-performance buildings, and another to actually walk the walk. Today we’re chatting with NEMA Policy Director for High-Performance Buildings Patrick Hughes about his latest high-performance building project: his home. He’s in the process of turning his 100-year-old rowhouse into a net-zero energy residence.

High-Performance Buildings