ANSI Z535 and How it Revolutionized the Field of On-Product Warnings—Part 1

speaker-Geoffrey-PeckhamWhen the U.S. standard for product safety labels, ANSI Z535.4 Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels, was published in 1991, it gave manufacturers the tool they needed to develop good product warnings that could more effectively communicate safety messages, helping to prevent accidents. Geoffrey Peckham, CEO of Clarion Safety Systems and chair of the ANSI Z535 Committee for Safety Signs and Colors, discusses how the standard met the requirements of manufacturers across industries and products and how its practical rules for content have led to today’s best practice labels.

ANSI Z535 Safety Alerting Standards


NEMA Educational Guides and Whitepapers on Detection Technology, and Communications—Part 2

speaker-Maria-MarksThis is the second in a series of podcasts that covers the Training Manuals and Guides for Fire Alarm, Detection, Emergency Communication and Life Safety Systems Ideal for Designers, Installers, Code Officials, Owners and Users of Fire and Life Safety Systems.

Life Safety Systems Guides and Manuals Fire Detection, Alerting and Signaling


The Ins and Outs of Ten-Year Battery Smoke Alarms

speaker-NESTThere are a wide range of smoke alarms on the market, and some come with sealed, non-removable batteries designed to power the device for ten years. In some cities and states, lawmakers have been proposing bills that would require these products to be the only smoke alarms that consumers can install in their homes. NEMA has taken a position against those mandates, and NEMA member Nest agrees that they’re overly restrictive. Joining us to discuss this topic is Nest Counsel, Product & Regulatory Scott Kohler.

Smoke Detecting Devices


Part 2: How does surge protection differ in residential, commercial, and industrial settings?

speaker-Jack-LyonsThis is the second of a podcast series focused on NEMA’s Low Voltage Surge Protective Devices Section. Today we’re chatting with NEMA Northeast Field Rep Jack Lyons about why surge protection is important in settings other than residential. We’ll also discuss what a surge is and how it damages equipment.

Field Representative Program | NEMA Surge Protection Ins​titu​te


Webinar Series Offered about New Motor Regulation

speakers-John-Malinowski-and-Rob-BotelerThe U.S. Department of Energy recently amended Section 431 of the federal energy code covering the efficiency of electric motors, and this new regulation takes effect on June 1, 2016. In response, the NEMA Motor & Generator Section developed an informative presentation, which they will offer via webinar beginning in April. Joining us to discuss the changes and the webinar series are the section’s Energy Management Committee Chairman Rob Boteler and Immediate Past Chairman John Malinowski.

Motor & Generators