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  1. It would be nice, if you spoke as though you knew the subject instead of reading it and sounding with no inspiration.
    Thomas and Betts is a fine product but I don’t think they know anything about low voltage surge suppression, and how to apply surge suppression which are the two key ingredients of successful surge suppression performance which takes years of research and development in the real world as well as in the lab. I believe it is just as important to know the product your are protecting before making a surge suppression device that will actually work. UL has made it increasingly difficult to make good product for the sake of life safety, however the industry has over come UL’s obstetrical, and at times it takes a lot more time and money to do so. Regarding UL, low voltage surge suppression must be UL 497 A & B listed to be used on life safety systems, and very few manufactures are willing to make good product to fit in this area. My feeling is this, Thomas and Betts has focused so long on panel mount surge suppression, that if they do redirect their efforts to low voltage…it will take some time and effort on their part. However, unlike Ditek, Edco and a few other cheap MFG, Thomas and Betts do have the engineers to figure this out eventually and when they do, their technical expertise will eventually surpass even me. Sincerely John E. Pecore, Power Quality Engineer in the Life Safety Industry.

  2. Doug Ales says:

    Well done Jennifer.

    I have found that whole house protection has helped make surge protection simple.

    I’m looking forward to future podcasts from you.

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